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Want To Sack Current Agent - What Happens Tenant Deposit?

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Hi all,

Really hope someone will be able to point me in right direction with this one!! Basically, I want to get rid of my property agent as for the last few months there have been a number of issues that I have not been happy with, latest being the current tenancy agreement has ran out in April and to date a renewal contract has still not been signed with the tenant. Got in touch with the tenant direct and she confirmed it was only received today - despite my numerous calls and emails to the agent for the past month and a half!!! The tenant is happy with the house and wants to stay for at least another year, I'm happy with my tenant also but the only spoiling factor is the agent- they are not doing their job properly as far as I am concerned and I want to get rid of them - however, my concern is that my tenant has paid them a £500 deposit, if I terminate their services, would my tenant be entitled to claim it back from the agents?? I obviously dont want my tenant to suffer because of my disagreement with the agent - can I make the agent pay it to me direct or would the tenant have cause to claim it direct from them and then pay direct to me??

I should mention that I am not a professional investor or landlord, I had to leave the UK for employment reasons and had to rent my home out and thought the best way to do this was through a 'professional' agent - total novice!! Any help or advice at this stage would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


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Others will give better advice, however the tenant will not lose. The agency will (I assume) give the deposit to you and you will have to immediately insure it with TDS. If you don't do this you will be liable to pay your tenant 3* the deposit. Yopur tenant would probably be better off not signing the contract now as it is now on a statutory basis with him giving you 1 month's notice and you giving him 2 month's notice.

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When you re-register your deposit, don't use your LA again! What if they go bust? It's far better to use www.mydeposits.co.uk, which is an insurance-based scheme rather than a deposit one, and cheaper too.

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