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Is Fleet the best commuter town in East Hampshire/West Surrey?

It seems so peaceful and content. There seem to be few rich and few poor. Where do the chavs lives, and where do the nobs live?

Farnham may be a bit better for shopping, but the train to London is slower.

Farnborough is quicker to London but looks like the town centre was irradiated.

Yateley looks just like a big housing estate tacked on the outermost suburbs.

Isn't Hartley Wintney like Hook?

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Hi, I have lived in both Fleet and Farnham (currently Farnham). There is little in it really but the schools in South Farnham are way better. If this is not important to you then I don't think there is much in it. Both are definitely better than surrounding towns.

Fleet is slightly more urban, Farnham more rural but they are similar.

Fleet is relatively chav free (especially compared to surrounding areas, Aldershot, Farnborough). Farnham the same but almost no chavs at all.

Farnham is more expensive, has more snob value, is prettier and is slightly nicer to live in from a crime/chav point of view. Personally, I prefer the people in Fleet.

Hope that this helps.

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