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Picture For Driving License

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Back in the UK soon & want to apply for the photo driving license & was wondering if I could print my own.

Not being mean but there are 3 of us that need to apply & I don't want to spend £15 on photos when I have loads of ink & photo paper here not doing anything. Plus time will short so having photo's when we get back will speed things up.

Anyone done it ?

Any advice?

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as far as i recall it has to be a passport-approved machine or camera, a local film processing shop may have an approved camera and set up and do a deal, otherwise do what me and colleagues did when we had to get an id done - we all jumped in to the booth one after another - problem is we were laughing so much it wouldnt be suitable for a serious pic for the dvla !

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As far as i'm aware the photo can be taken/printed any way as long as it fulfills the following criteria:

The photo taken must be:

within the last month, a true likeness of you and of your full head

in colour, not black and white, against a light grey or cream background

clear, in sharp focus, free from ‘redeye’ and have no shadow in it

free of any reflection or glare from glasses

in good condition, not damaged, creased, torn or marked

You must:

face forward and look straight into the camera with your eyes open and nothing covering your face

look natural with no facial expressions eg smiling, grinning or frowning

have nothing covering your eyes eg hair or glasses frame

not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses

not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons

See DVLA Photo for license Info for details.

I obviously knew none of this when I had my photo done. :lol:

I was pulled for speeding the other day and when the cop checked my license he commented on how he was suprised they allowed my picture through. I thought he was being cheeky meaning it was an ugly picture but it turns out it was because in the photo I was at an angle and had a big smile.

Don't forget, unlike the old paper licenses the photo ones need renewing every 10 years otherwise they have another excuse to fine you money.

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thanks for correcting me, my apologies for giving wrong info, I was basing it on this which I'd have thought in a joined-up govt lol would universally apply

for PASSPORT photos

be professionally printed. Photographs printed at home are not likely to be of an acceptable quality


here's Stalag DVLA's official doc quote

include a new passport type photo of yourself that’s been taken within the last month (you don’t need the back of the photo signed)

-i think not signed only applies to renewals not firsts

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I got one set done 'properly', scanned them, and reprinted them each time I needed one.

I think it could be hard to get them 'right' yourself. I would fail at the first hurdle; no white walls.

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