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Not a bad for a saleman of "crap steroes"!

I would have applied for the postion myself, er, if it had been advertised! :(

Should it have been advertised?

This "reality" TV style sh1te really pissses me off big time. GB is a clueless tw@t

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Alan Sugar, a man who believes business is all about aggressive selling. It is not according to sugar anything that requires R&D for which you can manufacture to fill a demand; that you can license all over the world, that keeps the economy moving forward.

Best keep importing the chinese manufactured tat then!

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I find it ironic ... well more hypocitical that Alan Sugar jumps into bed with the party that has desimated industry through red tape and regulations and relied upon the public sector and high risk banking as the income generator .. entrepenur's and labour don`t exactly fit do they ??

AMS should have walked in and said to GB - "You're fired" and done us all a favour.

GB can shuffle his cabinet and pull as many publicity stunts as he likes - the bottom line is that his time has come and gone and we need a fresh start.

The problem is, I don`t believe for one second think that all the bad news has come out yet and he will delay an election until the last minite on the misguided hope that things begin to improve and the truth when it comes out will be somewhat mitigated. Unfortunately I think the leg down is imminent and no amount of fiddling by GB and VI's of the stats is going to change public sentiment when people get pay cuts, see prices continue to rise and interest rates increase as well ..

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Alan Sugar

"As far as I'm concerned I've just got a passion to help out young people, to help out businesses and act as a kind of giant Dragon's Den if you like - although not with my money."

Hmm, Perhaps the pr1ck Brown might have been a bit more careful with the nations finances if HE had to risk some of his own money?

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