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Alan Sugar's Roadshow To Boost Bank Lending

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If I were a banker I would try and pull the plug now. That is hard to do now he is getting into bed with the government, but it is only going to get harder as the monster grows and increases in strength.

EDIT: You could drop a line to the guys at Alphaville to see what they can dig out.

Good idea. Done.

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As long as this roadshow ends with all those involved being gathered in an isolated farmhouse and cut into pieces by a maniac with a chainsaw, I'll look forward to it.

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This crop of failed, bailed-out housing bubble joy-riding "banks" is not fit for purpose. They neither have the staff nor the intent to run in anyway like they used - in generally supporting the economy, they are commission scrapers and money injectors into the greatest ponzi scam this country has ever seen. The bank outlets are staffed by babbling underlings who don't know the first thing about running a business, get one as a "business banker" and they'll immediately switch off if you don't want one of their mortgage/pension/ other products. Want a loan - they'll offer it if it is tied to housing equity, unless of course it is an opportunity to screw you down for the rest of your life and you are a student, throw a bit of debt their way and the fees and charges will rack up. Manufacturing is finished in this country, it neither has the support nor any way of thriving in the gross cost-inflated environment, loans to two-bit property companies have largely seen to that, industrial and retail space at premium prices with no demand (or ability to function) at the rents required to pay off bloated debts used to buy them up.

It has been in the banker's interest to turn the screw as much as possible and actively put businesses out of business, gifted money by the BOE and then go and charge 18% for an overdraft, total usury, it is a scam, the more pressure the banks put of small and medium sized businesses the more they have arm-twisted the govt and the BOE to bail them out, it worked a treat.

Brilliant summation. I dread going to the bank these days- from the moment you walk in the door you're fighting off commission junkies like a dealer at a crack head convention- I'm thinking of having the word 'no' tattood on my forehead just to save time.

I don't blame the staff- they get paid crap wages and need the commisions I'm sure- I just wish the banks would pay their people decently at this level so they could stop trying to game me and start trying to help me.

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