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Barb E Dahl

House Prices & The Economy? What About Bl**dy Utility Bills!

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Gas £55 month.(It would be less but my lady is a cold mortal !)

Electric £30 month

Phone broadband £24 month

council tax £62 month

water £24 month

Just stopped DD for the telly (out of curiosity) and waiting for threatening letters.

Back up 2KW generator.

Have thought about solar panels on the roof as it faces almost due south,but the set up cost doesnt really make it worth it.

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Guest มร หล&#3
Is fuel subsidised by the state over there? IMHO unless your not using any power that has got to be below cost?

First 30 kW/hr is free unless you go over that, then you pay that as well.

Low fuel taxes, although they are rising.

I'm looking at ways to reduce the electric bill to around £10 a month. Water will be zero soon due to rain harvesting system now operational (just need some rain, late coming this year). Gas is an overestimate, likely £1 a month. Internet is 50% of the cost, unavoidable.

Fuel for the truck comes in at around £20 a month, m/cycle fuel £5 a month.

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I never learned how to use the timer on my central heating.

So in winter I switch it on when I get home, switch it off if I go out (I live alone).

I started doing this about 5 years ago, now the thought of having my heating on a timer, burning irreplaceable fossil fuels to heat a house which might be empty, is a horrifying one!

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One thing that pisses me off is the rise in standing charges for gas and electricity. They have risen 100% in 5 years.

Thats just keeping up with the real rate of inflation, for essentials that is not flat screen TVs and CDs.

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