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How Much Notice When Leaving?

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Have nearly 8 weeks left on contract, but LL wants to know immediately if I'm staying or going?

Is this normal? I thought 3-4 weeks is more suitable.

Edit to add: How long before you move in do you start looking. I've always been really late (couple of weeks max).

Would they laugh at me if I'm looking for flats now, but moving in 2 months?

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I had this discussion before on here and I think the answer was that you should let people know what you want to do but 1 month would be reasonable. Afterall you only have to give 1 month's notice.

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When I move flat most of the properties I view are available "now". I see very little that will be available in 2 months time. It's a gamble. If I see a flat that is available in 1 or 2 months time the LL invarability will not negotiate on rent/terms as they think something better will come up before then.

We run the risk of not being able to find a good property at the time we need one. If they overstay your notice period (and I give one months notice) then the LL needs a court order to have you evicted. That takes time. It's very stressful all round.

There has been a lot of discussion on what notice is needed at the end of a contact. Some people argue that 1 months notice is required or just plain good manners. Some people are argue that no notice is needed as the contract just ends. I've not tested this theory in court or in practicse as most of mine end and then go onto a periodic tenancy.

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My understanding is the contract just ends provided you vacate on the end date and do not pay for an additional month's rent (ie, cancel your standing order).

However, it is good manners to give some notice, and generally 1 month should be acceptable.

I gave my LL 10 weeks notice when he came round to fix the fence, as he was there and we already knew we were moving, but I'd been unsure then I would have waited until nearer the time.

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