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Where To Invest?

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Ok got some money to play with, But cant decide what to do with it

Want some high risk, good return investment, but cant decide

My options so far 6 months ago when i didnt have the money were


Banking shares

fine wine

But now i got the money to play with im not sure

Gold i cant see going up much more, would still like a bar to stick under the bed, but is there going to be any decent return, Im not sure

Banking shares, Should have bougt 6 months ago, they seem to be tailing off, but im sure things are going to go tits up after september

Fine wine, wouldnt know where to start, Will probably buy a crate or somthing of bordoux but i need to look into this a bit more

So what i would like to know, is whats your hot tips for the next 12 months

If i am investing i want to take time to research, but i would like some opinions on what might be worth looking at

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My opinion is that it's not worth investing for the medium/long term at the moment, it's all too uncertain. Nobody can decide on the deflation/inflation argument, and if that isn't clear then if you call this one wrongly you're going to lose a lot of money.

If I had to guess I'd say we're heading into a currency crisis.

Commodities are rallying hard, but underlying demand is very weak so we could see another collapse in prices.

I'm trading stocks short term and buying a bit of high yielding unit trusts (8%+) with my profits.

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What return do you want to make? (4%, 10%, 20%, 100%?)

How much are you prepared to lose? (none, 20% of your capital, all of it?)

How quickly do you want to make money? (next week, next year, retirement?)

What sort of probabilities of success are you happy with? (90%, 50%, 10%?)

What probability of max loss?

Do you want big returns, fast returns, or safe returns? Pick two.

i.e. you can go for fast, big profits, but sacrifice safety and risk losing some or all of your capital. Or you can go for big, safe returns, by simply buying bonds and compounding the interest for 30 years..

so start by deciding what you want to achieve, and which two of the three factors you want to be able control. Set parameters as described above, and that should pretty much point you towards some investment or other.

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