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Pink Friday

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I reckoned Wacky has been sacrificed to take the pressure off the badger. Shame as I was looking forward to headlines announcing Ed's appointment, such as 'Balls up for Chancellor'

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fk hell

were in a bond movie

you just couldnt make this up

will he last longer in the job than his grandfather did (7 months) Herbert Stanley Morrison, Baron Morrison of Lambeth

A bit more family history here:

Enemies tangle with the new Business Secretary at their peril, as Shadow Chancellor George Osborne recently discovered after his holiday in Corfu. The other key players in that drama - Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and banking scion Nat Rothschild - are proof of Mandelson's ability to make powerful friends.

Where does it come from, this combination of talents and contacts that makes Mandelson the consummate political operator? Could it be in his genes and family history?

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Mandelson's family has links with powerful Russians stretching back at least two centuries, and he may even be related to the fabulously wealthy Rothschilds themselves.

However, as with most matters connected with the Prince of Darkness, close scrutiny of the Mandelson lineage reveals a shadowy web from which it is sometimes difficult to unpick the truth.

It is Lord Mandelson's distant Australian cousin, John Mandelson, who has kept alive the flame of the family history.

John, 80, who lives in Sydney, says: 'I wrote to Peter twice, but the b***** never bothered to reply. I wanted to tell him about our history, but clearly he is not interested. Perhaps it is time he paid attention.'


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its all over for at least 10yrs.

next euro vote will go with 90% euro sceptics.

next GE wil result in a hung UKIP/Con or Lib parliment. unable to issue debt and fighting with a devalued pound struggling to raise investment for manufacturing & stop the educated effing off abroad.

who knows after that, but the HPC aint over... bottom is another 5yrs from now. this is the bull trap!!!

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So what does he bring to the post? Why would GB put him there. Mandy was bought in to bolster GB when he realized: 1 the extent of the crisis and 2 he was surrounded by ambitious treacherous lightweights.

Glad Smith is going tho...I just hope to God Balls doesnt get Chancellor.

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"I'm dealing with the issues at hand. I'm dealing with the economy every day. I'm spending my time with the Chancellor," he said yesterday. "I'm also dealing with these constitutional issues. And I'm leading a debate on that, but it's got to be thought through. There cannot be gimmicks. It's got to be serious, it's got to be ordered and it's got to be done in a calm way."


Brown for chancellor?

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Guest theboltonfury

WTF happened to you actually needing to be elected to serve in high office within government? That would be 50% of the top four jobs without a mandate.

Am I in a parallel universe here?

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Foreign Secretary


He'd have to spend all his time on Airplanes - being waited on by cabin crew

with little hats

and tight shorts

bending over

Nah - cant see it

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