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Spy Chips Guiding Cia Drone Strikes In Pakistan

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Two articles here, one from The Guardian and the other from wired magazine.

It seems the CIA have been paying poor local tribesman to plant targetting microchips inside buildings of their choice, to guide the daily US Drone bombings in Pakistan.

The CIA recruits a network of paid, and sometimes unwitting, informers – known as "cut-outs" – to help identify targets, he added. In most cases they are poor local men.

Barack Obama has approved the drone campaign, which is cheap and limits the danger posed to US troops. But the strikes have many unintended victims. A Pakistani newspaper estimated that 700 people had been killed since 2006, most of them civilians, as a result of drone attacks.

For the tribesmen who plant the microchips and get it wrong, the consequences can be terrible. Last month the Taliban issued a video confession by Habib ur Rehman, 19. "They money was good," he said in a quavering voice, describing how he was paid 20,000 rupees (£166) to drop microchips hidden in a cigarette wrapper at the home of a target.

Rehman said his handler promised thousands of pounds if the strike was successful, and protection if he was caught. The end of the video showed Rehman being shot dead with three other alleged spies. Residents say such executions – there have been at least 100 – indicate how much the drone strikes have worried the Taliban.

Mysterious 'chip' is CIA's latest weapon against al-Qaida targets hiding in Pakistan's tribal belt


This is all well and good until this happens:

But Rehman says he didn’t just tag jihadists with the devices. “The money was good so I started throwing the chips all over. I knew people were dying because of what I was doing, but I needed the money,†he added. Which raises the possibility that the unmanned aircraft — America’s key weapons in its covert war on Pakistan’s jihadists and insurgents — may have been lead to the wrong targets.


Not such a clever idea after all.

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There was a great Sci Fi story a while back, during the trash years. Someone would be chosen by lottery as a target out of the population, by killing them you would

get a huge amount of money and position. Their face would be flashed up on all the screens including the BBC or Government Channel and the first person to get a large

sample of blood back to the Government would win the prize, no questions asked.

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Now, combine the predator idea with personal id chips and there will be no more dissent. We are heading for dark times...

Warn your kids about whats coming as we need numbers on our side to stop this happening.

Revolution anyone !

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