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The horrible Plane Crash of yesterday, got me thinking about fate..A while ago, I remember reading about John Lydon missing the PAN AM 103 flight because his missus took too long packing http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2004/feb/23/lockerbie.arts & Edmund Hillary http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Hillary having to pull out of an Air New Zealand sightseeing tour to Antarctica due to work commitments - he was going to be the in-flight commentator. That Plane later crashed with one of his best mates on it, doing that same job.

My story is nothing like that (its a bit rubbish really), but I just found it a bit "odd" (probably not the best words to use but there you go)..but when the Uberlingen Air accident occurred back in 2002 (when a DHL Cargo plane & a Bashkirian Airlines plane collided in mid-air http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bashkirian_Ai...d-air_collision, I was coming back from a lads holiday in Salou (Spain). The day we came back (I believe it was a Sunday evening), we were making our way back to the airport (in Reus) on a bus put on by the tour operator. We had to stop at various hotels along the route, to pick people up. It wasn't until I got back into Bristol, that I found out that the Russian kids that died on the Russian Plane where due to check into one of the hotels that we stopped at that day.

It probably sounds a bit like a b3ta post, but i'd be interested to hear about other "experiences" out there.

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If you have a large enough sample group of people then it highly likely that some of those people will be considered very lucky or very unlucky. Lets consider the attacks on the World Trade Towers in 2001, there must have been tens of thousands of people whole worked in those buildings on a regualr basis. Out of those, there must be some "lucky" ones who:

Were on holiday that day and so not at work

Attending a different place of work that day

Had a dentist/doctors appointment and so were not in the buildings at the time

Were sick

Were not sick but decided to phone in sick anyway

Were previously employed there but had retired or moved on just the week before

Then on the other hand there would be those that were very unlucky:

Those who were ill but struggled into work anyway

Had just taken up a job in those buildings that week

If you survive an event like that because of a stroke of good luck it must change your whole outlook on life. It might also give you a guilt complex that could be a burden for the rest of your life.

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