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Land Registry Stats- April 09

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Look at the sales volume graph on page 12 ....... :lol: ......somebody please buy a house

& that is the crux of it. Sales Volumes & previous sales prices for an area.

It's the same every time isn't it grey shark ?

If I sell one house last month, then sell 2 this month, business is up 100%. If the 2 houses I sell that month are 1 million pound houses (reduced from 1.5 million of course ;) ), then house prices in that area for that month have gone up. ;)

I am still eating popcorn, watching the economy & property crash show. B)

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My area fell 3.3% last month but is 0.2% up this month.

that's why all you need is good anecdotal from a range of areas covering the UK for the actual 'what's really happening' pov.

This is how I did it in Q1 2007 B)

There were a lot of posters covering many areas all reporting their findings every week. We then built up a picture of what was happening.

The peak in some areas, for certain property types was actually 2005/6 would you believe.

Kagiso had some extremely useful info on this topic & was instrumental in calling the top of the market. Although we currently disagree on the 'flation outcome. ;)

you still posting Kagiso ?

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Sales volumes

— In the months November 2008 to February 2009, transaction volumes

averaged 31,315 transactions per month. This is a decrease from the same period last

year, when sales volumes averaged 75,374.

— The pattern of reduced transaction volumes in London continues to mirror the rest of the country.

That's a large fall!

Edit: Rightmove has 61K sellers per month, and BOE mortgage approvals due today I think


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The 0.6% rise in Kensington (ave price 728,183) outweighs the minus 0.6% of merton and Islington combined. Plenty of other boroughts saw rises.

I've pointed this out in the last couple of LR reports. Many more boroughs are seeing fall than rises, yet the overall figure is flat or just up slightly.

Apparently it is because the overall regional figure for London and other regions have seasonal adjustment applied, while the individual borough figures are taken as absolute. so there is some serious +ve adjustment being applied! Doesn't make any sense to me either, but what did you expect?!

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yes, the sales volume is quite alarming. Oddly, other than at the start of the HPC, when a bundle closed down, most EAs around here have stayed in business, despite whenever i walk past being devoid of any custom. I guess they must operate on a skeleton staff and need immediate upturn.

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