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Here’s my situation,


I work in an onshore & offshore drilling job Based out of Aberdeen. I’m on a UK contract just now, which means I must stay on UK soil. The work I do means I’m largely on GCBO rotation (get call bugger off) - nothing like 2 on 2 off or month on month off

I’m trying to push for an international contract just now, which my work is currently reluctant to give me, this Means I can stay where I like in the world (within reason ie close to an international airport) get month on month off work, and end up payed in $US (which I’m pretty be weary of)

Current Living arrangements

For the moment, I’m based in Aberdeen, having grown up here (am now in late 20’s) I stay with (& pay rent to) my folks just at the mo, I used to stay with a flatmate & ex work colleague in an Aberdeen slavebox, & he ended up as a depressed alcoholic (nothing to do with me, he became naturally self destructive by his own admission). That combined with the fact that I was/am hardly ever at home for long spells meant that I was paying half the rent and bills & he was getting nearly all of the benefits. I also stay with a very overemotional and continental family who make me scared to venture into things for myself. (they’re also property bulls also employed in the oil industry who own and rent out 1 flat in Aberdeen and 2 in west London). Everytime I propose a plan to get myself out of Aberdeen. They always retort with “WE can do better than that!!” and then spew a load of claptrap about buying a place and letting people rent rooms, which usually Evolves into a heated argument where we shout loud enough to break windows in order to make each other shift from our point of view, which neither of us wants to do. (not since I’ve discovered this site)

Also I Really HATE Aberdeen with a passion, :angry: (world's biggest village) I’m into tech, alternative culture, comedy, and alternative music (chiptunes, comics, rock, heavy metal etc) . There’s bugger all folk that like this stuff here or know their RSS from their elbow either. Or any regular gigs or comedy either. Also up here there is a certain form of deluded arrogance that’s quite unique specifically to many native residents in Aberdeen that makes it quite despisable (I’ve been lurking on these boards for quite a while, and Hamish McTwattish is a good example of this :ph34r: ) , I’ve not encountered it Anywhere else further south of this country or in the world, And I’ve covered a good chunk of it both in and out of work.

I originally planned to move to Edinburgh in the spring of 2008, And I ended up very nearly overleveraging myself on a slavebox warehouse conversion in Leith with hardly anywhere to park. It was around this time I discovered HPC, good work guys I’ve learned so much from here and the links and videos you’ve given. :)

All of this has led me to the realisation that I can’t live with other people. My living space is my own, I cannot share it with anyone not even a partner (which I don’t have), I get very cranky and self conscious if I do. I don’t mind so much when I’m away at/with work, but when I’m at home, this is a value I hold dear. My friends that I can trust to share with have all shacked up with their other halves and are firing out kids at a rate of machine gun fire (I’m not someone that likes children either)

What I’m looking to do Long term is get away from Aberdeen to somewhere else in the UK in the short term, maybe for around 3-4 months maximum. This will give me a chance to take stock and clear my head, and Push for an international contract with work.

Then Afterwards, what I’m looking to do is Move to Berlin in Germany without the interference of my meddlesome folks, I’ve been there several times and it is my kinda place (fun for the tech savvy metalhead \m/, and cheap ). I’ve done lots of work onshore in that country and The German’s attitude to housing and the value for money that you can get there is unreal compared to the shitboxes that pass for accommodation here. Also the people their and the way of life is quite possibly the best & friendliest I’ve ever experienced anywhere, and it made me realised how much of a stressed overpriced cesspool the uk is.

There are several issues here though.

1) my job..

I can be called away at any moment in time. For spells up beyond 2 weeks at a time (usually lasting between 3 and 4) So I’m not mad keen on paying £500+ for renting a place if I’m not gonna be around for a lot of it, I don’t mind paying below £500/month for a good quality place. This would be an altogether different story if I Was doing a permanent onshore office job for example.

2) What I need from a place,

I don’t have much stuff, I’ve kept myself deliberately light on my feet for this purpose. Everything I have and need currently in my life, I can easily fit in the back of my car with the seats folded down. Having said that there are 2 things I insist on, and not much else. A place internally to store (and maybe work on) a bike, (since I’m a keen cyclist) And ample place for Parking a car within view of the property that’s ultimately safe considering how long I tend to be away for. And hopefully it's within an hour's cycle of a central urban location (ideally with lots of rock pubs and clubs) :P

3) trying to find anywhere for rent that has less than a 6 month term.

I’ve been looking for places in the central belt mainly, both in Edinburgh and Glasgow and In between. And have been having no joy. I’ve mainly been searching rightmove, and all the ones I seem to find are from Martin & co. and they all have a less than 6 month policy. In terms of viewing places from where I live, google streetview’s been a godsend.

So I thought I’d reveal myself and ask for this advice, whereabouts in the UK am I likely to find reasonable properties that fit my requirements for short term let and is there anywhere online I can go to view them?

Thanks in advance people :)

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