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Now that the masses have finally been nudged out of their inertia to rail against the bluddy MPs and their money-grubbing ways, it seems that 'vox popularis' CAN make us stronger yet. We need to keep up pressure on the PTB: the MPs - the judiciary etc. After we have sorted these salaries/expenses out for MPs we need to have a clean sweep with the MEPs... and I doubt even Damien - the hero of so many on here and on Youtube - would come out squeaky clean. It is well known that MEPs live the life of Riley - at our expense - so they need a sort out.

Next: the judiciary: We need to let them know that these namby-pamby sentences handed down to rapists and cold blooded torturers and murderers need to be 'beefed up' a bit. Ne'er mind all this hand-wringing and bleeding heart crAp, we need tough sentences for low lifes. Period.

We have had unlimited immigration; funded appeals for those who should NEVER have been let in here in the first place - who now look set to stick " like sh1t to a blanket" and have appeal after appeal...at OUR expense.

The sooner we shed this travesty of the EU and get back our pride and control of our country the better.

What say you?

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Well yes.

But most people I know say exactly those things all the time. And yet we get a government which serves nobody but itself. I mean, Peter Mandelson - I ask you!

This time however there will be millions of people who will, for the first time, refuse to vote for the comfortable, arrogant, unrepresentative political establishment.

It will be very interesting and I cannot wait for the results!

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