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Savings Rates Now 4%+ Not 0.5%

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no, that was Injin. I said before the end of 2009. and I'm sticking with it.

although looking at recent events it looks like he might be right.

given recent developments, I'd now be prepared to say that it will happen before the end of Aug 09 at the very latest.

No bud it was you, about March in response to someting I posted. dont wriggle now :lol:

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the way currencies are going we'll soon all be millionaires.

my point is that your nominal return was 6.7%, but your real return was negative.

Well if my real return was negative how come I bought a real TV with it amongst other things.

Anway, reading some other posts I now understand where you are coming from -

Cloud Cuckoo Land ;)

We are not going to have hyper inflation

10-15% inflation, together with interest rates at similar levels maybe

But hyper inflation - I don't think so.

I think something would 'give' long before then.

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There's no shortage of advice on where to invest your savings two years ago in this thread. Thanks for that.

Would any of you singing your own praises at having earned a few extra percent by locking your money away for years with institutions which were on the verge of collapse at the time and only survived by being bailed out by the rest of us, care to apply your ingenious foresight to investment opportunities that are actually in the future? Or do you specialise purely in the retrospective field?

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