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Big Sale On Roll Up Roll Up.

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So, what is the ReToer.gifMax plan for May 4?

Put their prices up?

Those tossers really haven't got a clue how markets work.

:lol: yip they even advertise BTL Investments :blink: lets do a calculation 225k and it will fetch 600 per month in rent <_< a tasty 3% yeald :lol:

Not only is this not a good investment, it is around 110k over priced, and even if it did sell at the correct market price, circa 115, it still would not be a good investment ;)


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ReToer.gifMaxers are sexually self-sufficient.

Our celebrity re maxer still seems to be ploughing on though, still no sold or under offer signs appeared on his famous website though. :(


he kind of has that 70s retro look about him though, and a striking similarity to this bloke from the 70s. :lol:


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One bedroom, dark skanky looking ex cooncil flat in Balerno. 126k. :lol:

Not much of a 'sale' in my book.

its a "lower villa " :lol: note the snow on the ground :rolleyes: and the pathetic picture presentation, a 2 year old with a kodak disposable camera could do a better job. ;)

the elusive sold sticker or under offer sticker is a long way away yet. :huh:

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