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Are these auctions any good ? I mean is it possible to make a living buying up huge lots and then selling them off on ebay ?

Do they ever take place at the weekend ?

they are good, you have to test items and make judgement call on batches. How else do you think Currys, dixons and pc world stuff end up on ebay, it is through these auctions. Normally, I would say 90% is returns. This auction does not look like returns to me. Might be end of line, or might be a recall, but unlikely. Anything DAB related might simply be sent back due to poor DAB reception.

Can you make a living, yeah if you have no scruples (see below).

P.S. 99.99999% of this auction will end up on ebay. The buyers of this stuff will make there own judgment on how to sell the items, most will say ex-demo, ex-display and even ex-stock, they will put a disclaimer in the advert, may or may not come with manufacturers warranty card, it is down to the manufacturer to honour the warranty. Sony normally does, anything Currys branded eg Logik, will carry no warranty.

These auctions are never on a weekend, there is only two auction houses of this magnitude, one in Nottingham and one in London (wellers)

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Is it a scam?

100 refundable bidding fee to go to an auction sounds suspect if they can out bid you to retain the gear.

Trust me, no scam. I used to do buy from here. Might still go back one day, at the moment doing other stuff. This is the biggest indoor auction house in the UK, it is FRICKEN massive in stock and turnover. Every single item will sell tommorow. You bid, you pay, you collect. But the only warning, check and test before buying. Nothing is implied as they are selling returned items.

The main reason why I do not like going there, cause I know for a fact that they let select big ebayers view day before the auction date, the rest of us have to view on the two hours alloted before the bidding time. No way near enough time really. You are at a severe disadvantage. PLays right intoi the hands of the big ebayers. They will let you take the crap and keep the gems for themselves.

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