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Ajay Ahuja Again

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Prosecuted by HSE for not providing gas safety certificates:


No real punishment but costs of £14,000 must have hurt.

I don't understand why he simply didn't get the checks done it was only 1 property and it wouldn't have been more than £100 for an hour or so work from a qualified gas fitter . He had been issued an improvement notice so it's not like he needed a bigger kick up the ****.

Even if the check had identified dodgy appliances it would have cost a lot less than £14,000 to put it right.

I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps there is a little cashflow problem and matey doesn't have the funds to hand to replace the odd boiler or get the checks done correctly.

If it was an oversight it was certainly a blood expensive one and they always give you the opportunity to put things right hence the improvement notice.

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hi guys! I thought you might want to view a video of me with the lovely Melissa Porter......

<a href="


Phowaaaarrr shes hot.


Do you know a property buyer? PLease!??

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Is the photo real or was it taken at Madam Tussauds?

We are looking to work with serious individuals who want to build medium to large sized portfolios and who already have a track record of investing in property.*

*The Wilsons need not apply.

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