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Good Luck From "ea Today" For A Busy Easter Break

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I have a sneaky feeling that they're avoiding us. Either that, or too busy tonight entering into NotSoBrightMove, details of houses sold 9 months ago in order to amend their status tomorrow as 'sold'. ;)


Naaaaah. Why would they do that, eh? Shurely that would just be dishonest....?!?!

Anyway, round here, they are too lazy to bother with the "change their status tomorrow" bit - they just load them up, brand new, as SSTC.

When WILL they cotton on to how stupid PBee makes them look? :blink:





The market's really flying round here - didn't you know? Best get in quick before [email protected] or Valerius, or we'll miss the bottom and have to "end it all..." :lol::lol:






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Blimey - half the neg comments have disappeared since last night. Maybe Ros did find time to log on and do a bit of HPC comment 'spring-cleaning'. She's left a few, though, mainly the ironic ones she wasn't quite sure about.

She also removed all the "if any EA comes near my gaff ..." comments, but left the "If any R.I.C.S. surveyor comes near ...". Tsk tsk - where's the legendary even-handedness which EA's are so famous for, Ros ?

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