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500k Houses Sell For 200k

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I rented a flat in late 2007. Someone else bought a house in late 2007. If I end up buying their house next year for half what they paid for it then I would not feel sympathy for them because I don't feel sorry for mongs.

Nothing stopping them logging onto HPC instead of dribbling over "Strictly Come Dancing", was there?

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They mean that $200k homes were sold for $500k during the bubble.

These reductions would not suit Britain.

Try this simple test at home.

Divide 500 by 3, or preferably 4, & you wont get anywhere near 200.




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"Mary Ann and Derrick Lepley bought a home for nearly $300,000 less than what the previous owners paid."

They seem to be very happy about someone elses misfortune. Schnadenfreude is a vastly spreading disease that is gripping the western world.

$500K homes now selling for $200,000

"My heart goes out to everybody that lost their home [and] lost their jobs," says Derrick Lepley. "I'm real sympathetic toward them. But the reality for us was, if this didn't happen, we wouldn't be in this situation."

Walking through his spacious four-bedroom home, he says, "We feel fortunate."

Sorry, but that doesn't sound like Schadenfreude to me...they are not happy that some lost every thing and its not their fault either..what the heck are you on about :rolleyes:

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