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Which One Did Millard Buy Then?

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Has anyone else had trouble viewing this? All I get a a big black area. I guess I need to add some permissions, domains etc to my firewall / trusted sites?

Any clues? I'm so [email protected] off with companies using multiple domains. Why the [email protected] can't they keep it simple and allow us all to maintain much tighter security policies?

I find myself forever adding new domains to my firwall lists because I choose to allow scripts etc to run only with explicit consent. Any other idiot do that sort of thing?

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If you zoom in you can see straight through the house into her back garden.

And if you spin 180 degrees and look back towards the trees in the middle of the square you see these two;


Are they two chancers celebrating offloading their doomed flipper project to a greater, crustier fool?

Are they local crims who having cased the empty joint for later are exchanging lock picks for crack?

Is it just a pair of local romantics?

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Guest sillybear2
Taking pictures and without arousing suspicion? Perhaps where you live.........

Well Google managed to do just that around most of the UK without anyone being too bothered.


They did get nailed for driving in a bus lane however.



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