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Leaving It To The 'experts', Who Don't Know What They're Doing

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The strange thing is that our saving grace may be that some countries are in an even worse situation then us. and for all the decline in state school education we still have great private and grammer schools producing talented youngsters. The fact that many fraudsters ..i mean bankers can afford to send their kids to these schools does cause me some consternation but it does give uk plc a fighting chance.

Look at sweden france italy..there isn't much flexibility in those nations.

We as an economy are deflating and may have to take a hit, aslong as we avoid voting for socialists and other idiots we may have a chance

Its interesting how alan greenspan still won't acknowledge his complete incompetence. experts indeed!

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Go away. Do you think for one minute the FED didn't know what thy were up to? The UK economy,

as with the US economy, revolves around house price cycles, house prices boom, the powers that

be then blow it up only for them to boom again. The FED didn't raise interest rates from one to

five and a quarter % because they were bored, they did it to blow up their housing market and take

the wind out of China and Russisa's sails.

I not arguing about whether the Fed knew what they where doing or not, the point I'm making is that it's extremely hard to shift interest rates significantly upwards with all this debt.

I've long said that what is going on is a trade war in all but name.

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