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Brown Speech To Congress 4:00 Pm-ish

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"I've always admitted mistakes when I've made them," he said.

"What happened round the world was a global banking failure - it wasn't Government letting inflation get out of control or letting interest rates go wrong."

I know he's only got one eye, but is he really so myopic/moronic that he believes those are the _only_ 2 things that could go wrong caused by the government?

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Brown looks increasingly stressed, grey and aged. I fear for his health as I would fear for anyone who appeared to be becoming ill before my eyes.

Jim Henson and Heat Magasine mate, they'll have him retired for health reasons in no time.

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Guest mattsta1964
Someone get the pukeometer ready....

Vomit bucket is ready and waiting.

I'll be interested to see if congressmen get some airtime on US TV to comment on his speech.......particularly Ron Paul

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