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Fantastic Edinburgh Graph


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Jeez, you had me worried for a moment. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Then I changed the data sets to compare edinburgh, aberdeen, aberdeenshire, scotland, glasgow, etc......

And they all came out at EXACTLY the same price point for January, which is so statistically improbable it's almost certainly a data error..

The most likely explanation is that they only have updated their data until December, therefore the december price point is the last valid price point on record for this site. Everything after that heads towards zero at the same rate, which is why it all ends up with exactly the same price point for all markets as it heads off the chart at the end.

In fairness though, it does look like Edinburgh crashed harder than most places in scotland in Q4 08.

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Have a look at this graph from http://www.myhouseprice.com/marketanalysis...lysisCharts.cfm

Based on Registers of Scotland Data

Must be skewed by low transaction data, but the first time I have seen anything like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly it's just building up momentum for a massive Spring Bounce.

[OK, I admit it: the ESPC had greased my palm.]

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