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Calling Injin And Edm

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:lol: Good joke Injin


The bank president then identified himself as Injin - Our resident French Maid monetary expert, and produced a piece of paper...

"Ma'am, this is my birth certificate, you will see that I am actually a genetic female, the balls you have in your hand are in fact prosthetic implants and thus testicularly speaking - to use the correct sperminology if you will, they do not, in fact exist. Our wager is therefore null and void, as I have no balls, square or otherwise. BTW - You owe the lawyer $100,000 - I will happily relieve you of the remaining $65, 000 - which will cover about 1 month of my pension"

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My tuppence worth is this:

try to remember if you signed any personal guarantees. Ask the bank when you go in, and ask for the original back plus written confirmation that it is cancelled. Banks are always passing pieces of paper over at meetings, which turn out to be personal guarantees later. Find out what other paperwork they've got. Get it all back.

Second: don't be surprised it the bank manager is waiting to ambush you on arrival, with a demand for the overdraft to be repaid immediately or some such, and a piece of paper for you to sign.

If you want to tease the bank employees do any or all of the following: Ask to see a copy of their passport, so you can check their identity. Ask them how much they earn. Ask what happens to your money if the bank goes bust.

No personal guarantees as such, just jointly and severably liable. I have every intention of paying, I just want to be as annoying and difficult as possible.

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