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Nothing In Life Is Easy

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Maybe the problem is that I expected it to be easy and learned too late that is extremely challenging. The difficulty of life combined with the disapointment brought by major experience (love, work, friendship) keeps me up or makes me bury my head under the pillow.

I guess you are in a 'glass half empty' mood.

Life certainly has its ups and downs (or "Booms and Busts" :P ) but that should be considered normal. Of course there will be times when things seem tough or one feels down, but keeping a generally positive attitude helps most of the time.

Maintaining a degree of realism without abandoning one's hopes & dreams seems appropriate. Take the time to count your blessings and don't over focus on the less favourable aspects in life. Change that which you can and learn to accept that which you can't.

Many pleasures in life are relatively freely available and can be uplifting........ a walk in the fresh air, reading a good book, listening to music, watching a film, following a sporting team or individual, appreciating beautiful things in nature. Household pets can also be good stress busters and give unconditional love.

With respect to life's challenges...... I have no doubt that if everything was constantly on an even keel it would soon become tedious. It's good to get the adrenaline pumping sometimes.

If your life is stressful, let off some steam from time to time (just don't do it in a destructive manner!). Once in a while just say "F*?k it" and "sh*t happens", shrug your shoulders and stop worrying over issues you have no control over. When something cr*p happens to me, for example an error at work, I ask myself to put it into perspective. Will anyone remember or will it still have an impact upon my life in 12 months? If not it is inconsequential. Rectify if possible and then move on.

Every day one is alive (and hopefully with robust health) is a good one. Some days are just better than others :lol:

Enjoy life.

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