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Massive Ramping In Edinburgh Evening News


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Aye, just as you refrained from responding to my in-depth critique as to the accuracy of your piece in the previous thread as well..... :rolleyes:

Be delighted to continue that debate by the way, any time you're ready. ;)

OK, that's a fair enough response. I'm happy concede that I didn't get around to it. I was away for a day (and in any case can only usually drop in occasionally), and by the time I looked again the debate seemed to have moved on as quite a few people had responded to your points in far more acute ways than I could probably have done.

There were, though, a couple of really interesting things that were said about the early repayment of mortgages during the ensuing discussion, which set me thinking. If I can, I'll try and post something on the main Edinburgh thread about this later on today. Not quite the continuation of the debate that you are asking for, but hopefully might be of some interest.

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Press Complaints Commission:


Surely that article can be classed as "misleading" clause 1

I would also question it aganst clause 13 "financial journalism". It's a totally one sided article by people with a vested financial interest in what they are quoted as saying.

Looks like you've got them scared: Scotsman editor resigns from post.

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