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4 hours ago, Little Frank said:

Kudos to the (sadly) departed RK. He was right all along.

Indeed, and setting aside his uncanny ability to read the financial markets, we all miss his patience and charm.

I was pretty sure that following him being banned for acting out like a thin-skinned humourless child, this thread would be pretty much the same as Buckingham Palace after Diana Queen of Hearts was stolen from us - awash with plaudits and best wishes for the future.


Nobody was more surprised than me when instead this thread went completely ignored for six months (until you came along).

I'm glad we've finally got a new poster who shares so many of his perspectives.

Maybe you could do more great work preserving his legacy? There's a HP&TE thread where he made one of his typically insightful and courageous calls. Maybe you could give that a bump?




By the way, Little Frank, I'd welcome your thoughts on the following matter.

If RK had correctly anticipated how a Leave vote would crater sterling and the pass-through of the devaluation would spike the FTSE, why do you think he kept that to himself and just stuck to b0llocks about "200ma" and all  the other banal chartist crap one might expect from a snake oil salesman stock picker with a horrendously over-inflated sense of self-worth, posting tirelessly on a thread nobody else was reading? He was a damn smart cookie, so there must have been a rational explanation for his approach.



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After years of threatening and a year of frustration unable to access documents to prove identity I have now opened a dealing account and ready to wet my feet. Although I have had PEPs for years this will be a new experience.

There is a reluctance as markets are at all time high but I must start using ISA allowances more effectively than the paltry per cent I can gain in cash ISAs. There were more notices of interest rate decreases in post today.


What did RK post that saw him banned? anyone know?

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On 10/01/2017 at 11:55 AM, Little Frank said:

A higher close today will be a record sequence.

So that's a record winning streak, of consecutive higher closes, for the FTSE?  and then some IF it closes up yet again today?

BUT this advance has been a crawl really. Mostly up by a small amount each day. Slowly clawing its way upwards. Hardly seems to be built on exhuberance?

We've been here before numerous times. Something tells me this won't end well - and when it declines it will erase all that hard won gain in a day or three? A case of taking the staircase up and the elevator down?

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  • 3 years later...

Global stocks are now in a decade long bull mkt.  March 23 saw the low for many years.

They're rallying strongly for a few months.  Then a correction (nothing massive), then good to go.

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