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Not so good for the rest of us though - pretty frightening opening paragraph too.


Pretty frightening other paragraphs too.

So jobs are being lost in the North East at more than four times the rate that they are in the capital, and 26 times as fast as in Kent.

Same phenomenon as in the so-called Thatcher boom that wasn't. At that time, you could still find 50% unemployed in places like Hartlepool. The so-called Brown boom didn't go much beyond the City either.

It was never boom and bust for most people. Just spin and bust.

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Sorry but "Made in the South"...

Northern Rock

Bradford & Bingley


Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

The south?


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this article personifies everything i hate about the Times.

whinging ignorant bullshlt.

But we should save our compassion for the innocent victims of a recession that was minted in the financial services industry, the workers far from London who are victims of the downturn, despite missing out on the upswing

please cry me a river...

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