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The Paella Economy

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We have been told we have a 'knowledge' based economy. Translation: Do nothing, presume living on this island gives you preferential economic status for all time.

What have other European states been told my their respective branch of the great and the good that their economy is 'now'. As in, it's different now.

Anyone residing in other Euro states had any experience?

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Sorry to be argumentative, but this keeps coming up and I'm starting to take issue with it.

This has F all to do with the principle of the Knoweldge Economy.

KE is the idea that (for example) having had 9 children, I can sell my knowledge and experience of raising children to first-time parents.

What you're describing above is the benefit state.

To be fair on the KE detractors, the term seems to have been used breezily to justify the fact that we don't really pay our way in the world; to me it seems woefully out-of-date*, just as the 'post-industrial, post-scarcity society' and the idea that 'the problems of production have been solved' which became common in the 1990s before the resource and environmental crunches were widely recognised.

I would bet that many of the 'great and good' who have used the term KE, have had the financial sector at the forefront of their minds when doing so.

None of which is not to argue that the KE does not or should not exist. The big problem is what do all the people who aren't fitted to earn a living in the KE do? In a sense, your last sentence captures the issue: the KE is the benefit state because it excludes many from productive work.

* edit: not the term, the idea that a KE can be sufficient, or even nearly sufficient, to reliably obtain the means of life.

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