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Get £7 To Check Your Credit File

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It's possible to get paid to get your credit reference pile from Experian, one of the three big credit rating agencies. The reason's simple, it wasnt you to sign up for its £80+ a year service, and thus offers a free month's trial.

So sign up, check your file, then cancel. Better still, sign up via a special cashback website, and it'll give you a cut of the promotional budget Experian gives it, so you actually make £7.

Important: Experian is one of three agencies, to do a thorough check do at least the other main one, Equifax. You'll find a loophole on how to do that for free in the Credit Rating article. Plus don't worry, doing a credit check will not affect your credit rating at all.

How does it work?

Two cashback sites, Quidco and Topcashback, will pay you £7 when you sign up to CreditExpert's free trial via them, although Quidco charges a yearly £5 admin fee to cover its costs, so if you aren't already a member, Topcashback wins.

Cashback sites get paid by the retailers if you click through them, but importantly, they then give some or all of this cash to you, provided you've registered with them. For a full explanation read the details in the Top Cashback Sites guide.

It's important to understand, the cashback isn't 100% guaranteed, as the cashback provider is reliant on the retailer paying it, but similar incarnations of this deal in the past have been fine (and you're not laying anything out anyway).

What to do to get the cash.

It's a simple process...

Go to a cashback site and find CreditExpert. Just go to Quidco or Topcashback and then search for it. If you're not already registered with these sites, do that first.

Sign up for the free trial. Sign up on the Experian Credit Expert site, enter your card details (it won't be charged)

View your file online. Once signed up you can view your file at no cost (either instantly or after they've sent a passcode).

Cancel the subscription. To avoid any cost and make the £7, cancel within 30 days of opening it, by calling 0800 656 9000. You can do this straight away; if you don't, then diarise it to avoid being charged for the next month.

Wait for the cashback. The £7 should appear on your cashback account within a couple of days.

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Seems like hassle for 7 quid especially as its is a really good service.... Lots of other ways of getting more free money

IMHO get a capital one credit card and get the credit checking service free for life (saving you 80 quid a year)

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i love this thing they call the 'credit score'

theres no such thing. each application is weighted on the ability to collect assets if they fail to repay.

this is a suckers game. give them money to build up a file on you ?

still, if its on MSE then there must be plenty of suckers falling for it.

like the idiots that go into nat west for a financial health check.

all they are doing is finding out who's going to be in trouble and who isn't, and when they identify a risk, they get the repo in first before teh rest of the creditors. its amazing, should be banned under the asa but its not breaking the law.

their intent however nice the ad looks, is very dark.

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