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Burberry To Cut Up To 290 Uk Jobs

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sales down 3% = 500 jobs losses :blink:

very tight margins are the cause of the pain.

3% may not sound alot, but if your net profit is just 10%, thats 30% of your profit gone.

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I suppose this will not effect the fake Burberry proprioters as the Chav's will still be buying :lol: They are Gordon's Rocks he can rely on to spend us out of the recession..........................using their credit cards :blink:

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I would imagine that Burberry are a big exporter. If so - with the weakness of the pound - laying off people in the UK wouldn't seem such a smart move. Especially since their whole brand is built around being British.

How many Hong Kong businessmen will pay hundreds for a raincoat made in the country next door?

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No bad thing.

A couple of years ago I was in Darlington (County Durham) and a pub had a sign in th window that read

"No Burberry"

Made me smile.

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Burberry were star****ed years ago, after that picture of Daniella Westbrook and her kid was in the papers.

I remember that photo, it was horrendous. Even the baby buggy was burberry.

Over the last few years, they had tried to rebuild the brand I think, no more baseball caps, etc, but the damage was done. As a victim of their own success, the amount of fake stuff out there has probable undermined sales.

Plunging overseas sales was the word on the news.

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Found it, here it is on a Sun story from last year:



FASHION fans have voted chavvy Burberry check the worst fashion faux pas for the last 50 years.

The infamous check pattern beat the shell suit, puffa jackets and even Crocs to the top spot in a survey of 200 shoppers in the North West.

The once-classy Burberry became synonymous with trashy fashion after its adoption by the WAGs and Daniella Westbrook dealt the British label its death blow when snapped in head-to-toe check along with a matching buggy and handbag.

But is wearing Burberry really a bigger sartorial sin than donning a flammable, shiny shell suit?

Vote here if you think so.

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every cloud has a chequered lining.


Nice one, missed it on my first scan through the thread.

This from the Daily Wail in June 2008:

The day that former soap star Daniella Westbrook and her daughter stepped out head to toe in Burberry sounded the death knell for the company's credibility. It had to change, and it had to change fast.

News released last week confirms it has done just that. Burberry enjoyed a 25 per cent jump in profits to £196 million on the back of a 17 per cent rise in revenue to £995million for the year ending in March. It is now one of the top five luxury goods brands in the world.

N.B. The original photo was taken in 2004. This from the Sun in Nov 2004:

TELLY girl Danniella Westbrook says she’s chuffed at being crowned Queen of Chav.

The host of Five’s Cosmetic Surgery Live was voted Britain’s Top Chav in a satellite TV poll.

Danniella, 31, said: “At first I wanted to hide but then I realised being a chav isn’t a bad thing ? it’s a real compliment. It allows me to defend my 60 baseball caps, weekly manicure and spray-tan machine.”

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