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Sayonara, Hombres

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I'm a poster of no repute, no great wit, nor fascinating insight.

And I'm disappearing. Not flouncing off in a huff or anything, just need to spend time on other things & try to get my own sh!t together.

This is a tremendous community, with more commonsense, acumen, & vision than a cabinet (or shadow cabinet) of ministers. Or a sh!te of bankers (I believe 'a shi!te of bankers' is the collective noun). Or even a sphincter of 'property experts' (again, the accepted collective noun). You've opened my eyes to an awful lot of things which the mainstream media wouldn't dare enter into. Anecdotals & personal experiences are a massive part of this - keep 'em up!

I wish you all well, whatever your degree of bearishness/bullishness/general dissolution. Enjoyed reading a lot of posts over the last 18mths or so. Excellent & vibrant forum. I know that sounds like pretentious testicles, but finding a forum worth even bothering with is a rare & beautiful thing. Wouldn't want to single anyone out too obviously, but I've particularly enjoyed the posts where a rugby union kicker sticks his oar in (although not seen much recently) and from a canine reincarnation of a Stephen King vampire. Oh, and a recent new entry: the HK-based climatologist who we all want to shag (let's be quite honest here). Closer to home, let's not forget the feline Ausgang nor those who bide their time & conserve.

Best wishes to all - HPC is (by a large majority) an excellent & interesting group of people. Even the occasional t0ssers usually have something going for them. Take care all.

Weird feeling of transition at the mo. Not even sure I still want to shag Krustie anymore :o

Selah / cazart. May you live in interesting times.

PS: no, I'm not about to top myself

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