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Harry Monk

It's Never Been A Better Time To Buy.

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On the enws half an hour ago was a FTB who was saying that despite prices being low and himself having a £10k deposit, credit tightening was stopping him getting a place.


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Sure it is - For estate agents, that is!

I posted a very similar one last summer - it's still proudly on display in their window - never, ever say die is the EA's Motto.

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In true EA fashion, "It's never been a better time to buy" is not even correct English, is it?

Should be "There's never been a better time to buy".

At least they got the apostrophe in the right place I suppose.

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Do I take it from the sceptical remarks I see posted here that some of you think I should not follow the advice of my friendly local unbiased realtor?

Here is the email I received last week from an estate agent hosting an open house that I had visited the previous Sunday.



It was very nice to see you again at the home on Goodview Street on Sunday. I remembered you coming into Burling Terrace the week before.

I am including a new chart that Freddie Mac came out with showing the history of interest rates over the last 28 years. I think it's quite illuminating. Between the low rates and the low prices it's hard to see when there has been a better time to buy.


I would be happy to help you if you would like some assistance. My mobile number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Ezzzzz & Co. Real Estate, Inc.

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i mean, this has got to be officially the worst ever time to buy.

I must correct you there, the worst ever time to buy was the Summer of 2007. I could save a fortune if I bought now.

But not as big a fortune as I will make when I buy in 2010/2011.

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A nice ACIIIIIIIID!!!! smiley face

Are they saying back to 1989 prices then?

Everything ends with negative 'E'

H coming in strong

P coming in strong

C so long so long

H and a P and a C coming in like equity danger

Don't borrow interest free and give the money to a stranger

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in a really stupid way, your right.

damn the fine print....

it should say now is a 'better' time to buy.

Or even "A less bad time to buy" .......

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