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Dollar Strength

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Even as far back as late 2007, there was mutterings of a dollar collapse. You had the Leyman collapse, the TARP bailout, and once again the Dollar was suppose to collapse. The FED reduced the base rate to 0%-0.25%, surely the Dollar will tank? Then came the admittance of quantative easing, will the Dollar collapse??? As yet, no.

It appears the green back is invincible in the face of all this monatary easing. If sterling was to follow a similar chain of events, I'm pretty sure it would end up in the toilet. I've heard people say "smart money backing sterling this year", but something tells me sterling just isn't going to gain ground on the Dollar.

What are people's views on the future strength of the Dollar vs Sterling? Do you think the Dollar will dive at some point (been predicted over a year ago but has failed to materialise), or do you think the Dollar will remain strong?

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If quantitative easing starts to really work, and they do it as they did in Japan, the dollar will get very weak, as people leverage up those positions they closed when the dollar rallied.

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