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Hutton The Hypocrite

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The starkest warning came from one of the Prime Minister's own allies, Will Hutton, who heads up the Work Foundation think tank.

He warned that the scale of the liability for taxpayers,as well as overall borrowing, was so enormous that the International Monetary Fund may have to be called in.

'With the amount of red ink in the UK budget deficit next year, together with the amount of new liabilities the taxpayer is having to underwrite, we look like Iceland-on-Thames.

'The open question is whether we can get through this without a loan from the IMF,' he said ominously.

didnt Hutton scream enthusiastically for bank bailouts telling us we must do it to save the economy and we must slash interest rates, now he's pushing what those who warned at the time when he was demanding these measures that we'll be the next Iceland

has the man no shame?

doubtless he thinks more government, bailouts, credit etc will still get us out of this mess

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Hutton likes the sound of his own voice. Probably records all his TV appearances.

He's a big t!t.

He is definately on THE LIST.

BTW - what a day!

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The porcine pundit is just a yes-man for pro-EU interests. He was recently seen cheerleading for entry to the Euro as a way out of the mess. He's a bilderberg attendee who called the conference a meeting of 'the high-priests of globalisation', no doubt with a big punchable smug grin across his chops.

Ignore the oaf.

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