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Irish Bank Shares In A Death Spiral Today

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Allied Irish= 148-80 loss so far today 45% bank of Ireland 80-55 loss so far today 27% 100% guarantee by the Irish prime minister will soon be tested I think.

They'll follow our dear leaders plan and nationalise them.

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Sorry - should have said 72% not 82%. Didn't mean to needlessly scaremonger.

Ta. I was discussing the safety of Irish banks with a friend last night - he intended to transfer some funds to Barclays. It was a tough call - since Barclays doesn't exactly inspire confidence - but, then again, none of them do.

The wildcard we discussed was ING - about which I've not heard much recently.

He was at work in a non-internet-friendly place - so I elected to text him some of todays' highlights... but I didn't want to do scaremongering either. :)

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I have a numner of overseas accounts, including one with AIB in Dublin. Today I emptied it into an HSBC Foreign Currency account.... much safer I feel. :unsure:

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Reading that long explanation as to why the Euro zone is all tied together and a failure in one country cannot be allowed because it will cause problems in other countries sounded familiar.

It is rather like the causes of the first World War. All Euro countries were tied together with various treaties of offence and defence, so that when Austria threatened Serbia, a local difficulty grew because everything was tied together. Russia had to come to the defence of Serbia, France had to support Russia, Germany had to support Austria, Britain had to support France.

Perhaps the third European War will be financial rather than military.

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