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Irish Being Prepared For Migrant Working

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Should we all migrate to hotels?

Starts off with the joys of fluffy towels and hotel pools, by the end it had me imagining barracks-style accommodation for a migrant labour-force :ph34r:


Nobody complained as this happened in Ireland, since the migrant labour was made up of Filipinos and Poles and other foreigners migrating into Ireland. They were serving us our cappuccinos and cleaning our hotel rooms and – when architects were in high demand – even designing our hotel rooms.

Now the situation is reversed and we're to become the migrants now. What an awful word – "migrant" – just as hostile as hostel. A better spin would be to call Europe's migrant workforce, of which more and more people are a part, Europe's "mobile" workforce.

Mobile families living in family lifestyle centres as they travel from one short-term contract to the next is an accepted pattern in the US, which is why those budget hotels have en suite kitchens. They get around by car, but, with the availability of cheap flights within Europe, our newly mobile families will be able to come and go by air.

Just think of the advantages for the kids (new cultures) and the parents (no housework). It's one solution, that's all. Does anyone have a better one? Not this Government, anyway.

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Guest sillybear2

Well, it's not like these migrant workers are real people after all, why not just call it slavery and be done with any formalities.

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