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Global Warming Is A Tax Raising Scam

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If Global Warming were such an important issue, not just at local level, or National Level, but at a Global Level.

Then ask yourself why the Government would sell Scottish Water, why would they approve the third runway at Heathrow ?

The answer is simple, if it were such an issue engergy generation would be in Government control and not left to the vagaries and hickups of private capital that is less than stable.

And we certainly would not be allowing private companies to be having total control of these precious assets, even more precious in years to come if we are to believe the Global Warming Nutcases.

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Didn't feel you could air this view on any of the other five threads on global warming Laurejon? Oh, that's right...you did...

Chill out. You're starting to sound desperate.

I know, the Off Topic section is becoming another Daily Express press office!

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