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dr ray

Estate Agent Fails To Raffle Own 550k Home

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An estate agent in NI has pulled the raffle for his luxury home incurring "substantial" costs.

He claimed that the company which processes the online payments had pulled out but admits "less than" 100 of the £100 tickets had been sold.

He had expected to raise £100,000 above the £550.000 value of the property from the scheme but sold less than 1% of the tickets needed. ( I work out he sold less than 65 tickets then)

Moral of story: The world has run out of "greater fools " (for now).

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Surely he's bound to run the raffle anyway. The people who bought tickets took a financial risk and now that he doesn't have a sure thing (ie the other 99%) he pulls the plug.

Sorry mate, running a raffle should not be a risk free way of selling your house.

I might now do that for everything I want to sell. If not enough people buy tickets, then I'll pull the plug, if I make a profit, then I won't.

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All entrants - please do not worry about your entry fee as we have started the process of recalling funds from our bank account and it will take up to 4 weeks for us to complete the refund process. If you have not received your refund in this timeframe, please email me at

Four weeks to send out 100 cheques?


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I had an idea to set up a website that allowed people to raffle their houses nice and easy. easyHouseRaffle.com or something like that.

But from that performance of less than 100 tickets, then I'll think I'll pass...

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