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The Lamest Incentive Yet?


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Since even the cheapest house they have, they want £249k for, yes very lame.

I expect they think that buyers will have as big a mortgage as they can and then welcome the low bills. Some people may actually fall for it!!!

probably, but then the banks wont. so its a no go.

they could offer a free lion with every starter home, but they still couldnt get the finances to buy.

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Brilliant suggestion! Would the neighbours notice the tinfoil curtains?

Oh yes, they might stand out. You need to do something to the rest of the house so they aren't as obvious, like this enterprising fellow in my locale has been doing...


And yes, he's done the front of the house too...


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Pre payed marujhana farm... INNIT!

I suspect they give you the cash up front to pay average bills, or there are reasonable use caveates, otherwise you could agree with the neighbours to supply them, and run lots of extension leads house-to-house.

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I was most amused at Christmas 2007 to see some very flash apartments (£250K-£550K) in Sutton Coldfield being offered with a free Playstation 3 as an incentive. They were in pretty short supply at the time, and I had some friends who bought 24 month phone contracts primarily to get free a PS3, but splashing £500+K to get a games console for little Tommy seems excessive.

Looks like they didn't get too many takers either, last time I drove past (a couple of months ago) the incentive had changed to £50,000 cashback !

Editted for my dodgy spelling...

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Make a fast move and save £20,000 in Clapton. Any takers? :blink:


Property-seekers can save thousands of pounds on the price of a brand new home close to the London 2012 Olympic Village - simply by making a speedy move! George Wimpey's new Fastmover scheme gives customers the chance to dramatically reduce the price of properties at the new Altius development, and the faster they move the cheaper their new home is.

For example, one-bedroom apartments at Altius are normally priced from £199,995 - but those who move in one month pay just £189,995 and anyone who completes in a fortnight can own their home for only £179,995.


I know house prices are dropping, but £10,000 a week! That's confidence for you.

Edit for P1ss poor maths.

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