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House prices go south across the whole country

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Deepening gloom in London. Average percentage of of asking price achieved now down to 93.3%, and worsening all the time. Average viewings per sale is up, time to sell is up, fewer buyers, more sellers, increasing mortgage costs, and new FSA regulation just around the corner...

The crash is well and truely in full swing. Rejoice.


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        I've just been given a link from home track who have just released their results... for the 1st time yorkshire has dropped 0.1%:

Hometrack Report

so? is this the start of a long downward trend?

mate you dont need hometrak to tell you about property in bradford - that is going to skydive downwards.

I know someone who paid 150k for a 3 bed semi near to holmewood cos he though the council might give it a leeds postcode.

He's stuffed.

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I notice that the South West is certainly going to be doing some leading this time.

Leading the way in the rise of properties going up for sale and the largest drop in agreed sales.

Looks like people are selling up their Holiday home to cover their own mortgage back home!

Didn't the bulls say that we needed 3 succesive falls before it could be considered a real fall...

Topher Bear

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