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World Property Prices On A Knife-edge

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Anyone got an AFR subscription? I'd really like to read this article:


"World property prices on a knife-edge" reports Corinne Lim. "The private sector is polarised about the global real-estate juggernaut. Bubble or no bubble? Gentle descent or crash? Safe bet or ticking bomb? Most economists have steered clear of disaster scenarios. But the froth in many markets refuses to subside despite the best efforts of policymakers, and some observers are rightly sweaty-palmed about a recent flare-up in speculative activity."


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the LHS of the Australia chart looks scarily similar to the LHS of the Japanese chart circa 1990.

It appears that the Japan bubble burst very quickly, showing a very slight dead-cat bounce and then a very quick slide

Interestingly though, here's no sign of the Australian line heading seriously south yet as quickly as the downside of the Japan bubble.

If it doesn't soon it might start to represent .. dare I say it .. a plateau :o

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Wont help those deluded speculators on certain other forums though

Yes I have my work cut out over at www.propertyinvesting.com but its more fun posting where you're one of the few bears.

If it doesn't soon it might start to represent .. dare I say it .. a plateau

It could be ... perhaps a replay of the late 80s boom and plateau thru the early 90s, but on a much larger scale.

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