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Found 6 results

  1. gagging orders should be banned https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46454844
  2. 'Our new Bovis home is falling apart and our warranty is worthless' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/new-bovis-home-falling-apart-warranty-worthless/
  3. Can new build architecture get any more bland than this block of flats? Ground floor flat £140k 1st floor flat £140k Come on Architects. Put a bit more effort into the design. I personally like 'floor to ceiling' windows/patio doors. These would improve both flats imo (well...maybe not full sized doors for the first floor flat). Still...looks like the developer will do nicely from the former garden of the building on the left (according to Streetview). Also, I like how the bathroom opens right onto the living room in both flats. Lovely. Thank heavens they at least have windows.
  4. A 13 million pound development at Crich in Derbyshire has come into criticism as it is being built next to a nuclear waste dump. 113 houses are being built on the site where the nuclear marine business of Rolls-Royce (which makes nuclear reactors for Royal Navy submarines) had dumped low-level nuclear waste a few years ago. Crich is known to a lot of people as being home to the National Tramway museum and the area although outside the Peak district is also known for its rural scenery. http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/village-resident-in-contamination-fear-over-homes-plan/story-30155895-detail/story.html
  5. Background-first time buyer. Couple with kid(age 2.5), so schools required. Budget 325(max 350 if there is no option). Need to travel to Canary Wharf for work. Some new builds came up in hurst green, surrey(marketed for 389K) https://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/find-...eridian-square Well above our budget. But we can avail help to buy, so we could pay 20K and get this property technically. Schools are rated good by ofsted, but this is not an area which is famous for its schools. Good connectivity to London. Oxted/Hurst Green looks a bit sleepy place. That may not be a bad thing though Property is in an ex-industrial estate(not sure if it is bad) Any opinions, suggestions about this development are welcome. Thank you
  6. ok, the probable answer is no. But I would like to hear any arguments for buying a new build. We are a couple with a 2 year old child trying to buy our first home-max budget 350K(should be commutable to London in less than 1h30min). We should decide whether to buy a new build or a second-hand home. The 20% equity loan provided by the government looks very good on the face. But what I found is, we pay 10-20% up for the premium for buying a new build.Is it typical, or do we really have a chance to buy a new build with a nominal premium above second-hand homes? Is there a builder who actaully provides value for money homes? One advantage for buying a new home is we just need 5 percent of deposit and we can increase our budget since govt pays 20 percent. Will the new build holds value better than an old build? If that is the case, we can take the pain for now and move to a better home(hopefully) 5 years later.
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