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Found 6 results

  1. Multiplying the total sales by the average price is a useful metric of how much money is flowing into housing from year to year: Sales Overall average Total sales Total price of all sales 2011 £232,671 660556 £153,692,225,076 2012 £238,196 668002 £159,115,404,392 2013 £247,195 790981 £195,526,548,295 2014 £260,775 918300 £239,469,682,500 2015 £271,994 916988 £249,415,234,072 2016 £282,715 920702 £260,296,265,930 2017 Q1 £286,747 197321 £56,581,204,787 2017 Q2 £293,127 222147 £65,117,283,669 2017 Q3 £299,115 244222 £73,050,463,530 2017 Q4 £291,290 235334 £68,550,440,860 2017 £292,872 899024 £263,298,956,928 2018 Q1 £294,232 179669 £52,864,369,208 2018 Q2 £287,766 125063 £35,988,879,258
  2. I download Land Registry price-paid data every month to monitor prices. The files I download are the yearly ones from 2005 onwards. My expectation was that the data for years in the distant past would be unchanging from one download to the next. However, that is not the case; even for the earliest years, there is variation. Attached is a plot that shows, for each year, the number of datapoints in the file (y axis) against the download date (x axis). E.g., for 2005 data, there are around 1000 fewer datapoints in the most recently downloaded data, compared to data download in Jan 2017. This is out of a total of approx 1 million datapoints. So in relative terms, the variation is not large. Nevertheless, it is surprising. There's also a common pattern in years 2005-2013. The number of datapoints consistently increased with each download until late 2017/early 2018, when suddenly there were large removals of data (the exact month of the removals varies). This raises a couple of questions: 1. Why were properties being consistently added to datasets from almost 15 years ago even recently? 2. Why was data removed in late 2017/early 2018? If anyone knows what might be going on here I'd be quite interested!
  3. So no thread here (surprise surprise) about the Land Registry Figures must be getting over excited about some sham asking price index that is 27% above sale prices. But anyway nothing too unexpected for me (maybe for those who seem to have witnessed the great crash in the last week) but house prices were UP 0.4% in september to 5.4% which is an acceleration in house price growth. Yes an increase in the rate of growth from actual completed sales. My 6% guess at start of year could yet be right https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-house-price-index-for-september-2017
  4. I just received my usual email from ourproperty.co.uk about houses registered as sold in the last month. Looks quite normal until you start looking at the dates! Properties registered in February 2016 nearby 18 Green End Road £287,500 Sawtry, PE28 5UX 21st December 2015 15 Buckingham Way £226,500 Sawtry, PE28 5NF 11th December 2015 59 Beaumaris Road £184,000 Sawtry, PE28 5SF 4th December 2015 23c Stanch Hill Road £130,000 Sawtry, PE28 5XG 30th November 2015 9 Sapcote Way £141,000 Sawtry, PE28 5XJ 2nd October 2012 20 Green End Road £124,999 Sawtry, PE28 5UX 30th April 2010 15 Bedford Way £170,000 Sawtry, PE28 5QL 5th November 2004 15 Bedford Way £170,000 Sawtry, PE28 5QL 5th November 2004 56 Green End Road £150,000 Sawtry, PE28 5UY 24th July 1998 What is going on? Isn't there any penalty for failing to register a property in a timely manner? I know for certain that a number of the older dated ones changed hands in the last couple of years but haven't appeared on the registry database. Why does 15 Bedford Way appear to have been sold twice on 5th November 2004? Maybe someone found a whole load of registration forms down the back of the filing cabinet when they were preparing to move offices. Whatever the truth this must distort the figures if this sort of nonsense is going on all over the country.
  5. Using the publicly available land registry data set imported into a database, I've written a query to extract the top flippers nationwide from the start of 2013 to the end of the current data range (Feb 2014). That is, repeat sales since Jan 2013 that have made a profit, ranked by profit. The overall numbers are 4086 repeat sales made a profit, 467 made a loss, 208 even.
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