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Found 2 results

  1. He was fired from UKIP when the party discovered he was being convicted for benefit fraud. In May 2015, Mote was convicted of embezzling nearly half a million pounds, and today he was sentenced to five years in prison. Full text of the sentence They listened to you closely for days as you lied, protested, lied and lied again about the monies you had fraudulently claimed as expenses while serving your constituents and your country as an MEP. During the period from 2004 to 2009 you corruptly fiddled over £400,000 in expenses. Your greed and dishonesty were matched only by your hypocrisy, because while this was going on you carried out a high ‐ profile campaign condemning corruption and the improper use of public money in the very institution from which you were leeching it. You knew perfectly well what the rules were for the claiming of expenses; and you also knew perfectly well that what you were doing had nothing to do with funding whistleblowers and everything to do with funding your bridging loan, your mortgage, your legal expenses that were unrelated to your role as an MEP, and your family. If there had been any truth in your claims that you used these huge sums of money to fund whistleblowers you would have been able to show it without in any way compromising them. But you couldn’t. It was plain for all to see that the monies went into your bank accounts or accounts which you controlled, and did not come out except to fund you and your family. You abused your position of trust as an elected representative, and you abused the trust that the European Parliament placed in you, consistently making false statements in the knowledge that the institutions trusted their MEPs to be reliable and honest. Along the way, you deceived people who shared your declared political ideals and even regarded you as something of a political hero. You are, as was said by the trial judge when you were convicted of substantial benefits fraud in 2007, a thoroughly dishonest man
  2. From a purely HPC point of view (and by that I mean the provision of quality, affordable, no-strings housing to buy, not necessarily a collapse in prices across the board...) who should we be rooting for when the election happens in May? My take on it having had a quick skim over their housing policies:- Conservative: + arguably accomplished more since 2010 than Labour managed in their years in power. There seems to be an increase in newbuild affordable housing and planning restrictions have been relaxed. + Possible vote on the EU has the potential to limit immigration (which is a big strain on housing) - Unikely to do anything about landlords. - Help to Buy is a disaster waiting to happen once interest becomes payable after the initial five years has finished. - Cannot rule out them spending a lot more public money on propping up this whole thing... Labour: + In theory, provision of low-cost, quality housing should, in theory, be a priority + Better rights for private tenants might discourage BTL. + Mansion Tax? - absolutely no commitment to reducing immigration (no EU referendum) - awful track record in this department. Libdems: + In theory, provision of low-cost, quality housing should, in theory, be a priority... + want to build "300,000 homes a year" + Increased rights for private tenants - No real chance of getting elected - Immigration (Committed to the EU) UKIP: + Limits on immigration likely after leaving the EU, relieving some pressure on housing - NIMBY-friendly policies - Committed to protecting the "green belt" Greens: + "Disincentives to the speculative ownership of housing will be introduced, including higher rates of Council Tax for unoccupied properties and second homes" + Private sector "needs to have rents controlled and tenants provided with additional legal protection." - Pretty much an open door immigration policy. - Minimise the encroachment onto undeveloped "greenfield" sites - "To hold back all new development on agricultural land or other land not at present within the confines of an urban (including village) area." Who is the best of this bad bunch? :-/
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