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Found 5 results

  1. As we sit and ponder our economic future whatever our personal circumstances I cant help but think of what genuine fairness should look like in society, what is the true role of government. Are we really taxed fairly. Should a safe place to live and grow our families cost an arm and a leg. These thoughts came to mind. How much does tax avoidance does it cost the average hard working citizen. How many large global companies pay little or no tax off the income they earn off the back of citizens of the country they may be operating in. How much of this deficit has to be made up by the average citizen who has to pay more than 25% of their income (incl VAT) to keep their government working. This brings us to Cash and the tax lost in cash transactions. The huge expense we incur to print the notes and coins, the cost to police and protect the currency from counterfeit and money laundering. So here is one possibility, reform to a electronic society from which the government of the day takes a minute percentage of each and every transaction - no more Personal Income Tax - just a transaction in/out cost. No more cash means no more money laundering. If a large global company sells a product in the UK a small percentage of the transaction immediately goes into government coffers before it goes offshore. But back the system with a tangible source of trust. UK housing is ridiculously overpriced for the average family home. It is unbelievable that we hear day in day out that we have no supply of homes and therefore prices must go up. Yet less than 4% of the entire UK available land is built on. Release a fair and reasonable proportion of the land and the supply will be their immediately. This triad relationship that exists between local authorities and government and property developers and other land owners with only self interest at heart is questionable at best. It must open up and be more accessible. Self build is the way forward but on a reasonably priced piece of land that is not tied up in the greedy hands of developers and damaging leasehold agreements it should only be freehold. Leasehold is sinful. But the land should only be made available to genuine buyers who live and work in the UK. Not to every external buyer or property billionaire looking to make a fortune out of residential property. If they must they can go commercial. Savers have been hit so hard for so long its ridiculous. We should have the opportunity to get a decent return up to a limited amount of savings. Of course some mortgage users are paying almost zero interest on the mortgage while those of us saving for a deposit on a home get next to nothing. And finally, we all deserve a place to reside and feel safe at a reasonable price.
  2. First major peer-to-peer Isa becomes available, offering up to 4.7pc tax-free
  3. I am inclined to believe that the madness of spending money is going to be the debt-laden doom of us all. If we're so impetuous to purchase homes, what happens to us when we cannot afford to reside within the country we were born in? https://www.ft.com/content/c061e51a-c8f5-11e6-9043-7e34c07b46ef - Consumer spending rises but savings fall to low levels.
  4. Hi.... I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on your average working professional in Japan has invested and fared over the last 20 years. Reason I ask is that if the UK is headed towards a Japanese style stagnant couple of decades with with 0% interest rates, how has the average person invested their money and saved for retirement? If they had been ploughing into domestic risk assets for the last 20 years I don't think they would be sat too pretty at the moment looking at the history of the Nikkei since 1990 (i acknowledged the nikkei has rocketed the past 2-3 years). Does anyone have any further reading on this, or long term investment strategies in a similar environment? I know everyone generally seems to think if you have long investment horizon, stocks are your best bet, but i don't think that is true in the case of Japan. I suppose they could have looked at foreign markets, but if all developed markets are in the same situation, where do you look? Any thoughts or suggested reading much appreciated...
  5. Just seen TV pages for next week. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/episode-guide Episode Monday 8th June, available on demand Where to Save Your Money With interest rates at their lowest for 300 years, Dispatches highlights the crisis facing many of Britain's 40 million savers, and asks: where should you put your money?
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