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Found 17 results

  1. So, I had my first 6 month inspection this morning on a property I see as my long-term home. I am utterly in love with the property which I share with my young toddler and partner, but I have been left feeling awful after the inspection. I have always been teased for my OCD-like cleanliness and wanting things in order and precision. I am very house proud and try my best to keep the house in tip-top shape considering I have a young child. The letting agent visited my home and immediately told me my parents car that was parked outside of my drive had to be moved and couldn’t be parked there. (Is
  2. Got a letter through the door with details of the new(ish) landlord licensing scheme for Nottingham. Complete with a section explaining exactly why this WON'T lead to rent rises and the benefits for tenants. Here's the letter: Side 1 Side 2 Interestingly (or maybe not) my landlord used this as an excuse to put my rent up for the first time in three years- by about 5%. He reckoned it would cost him thousands per year. Hmm...
  3. I don't vist too often nowadays but I see that dead links are still a thing on the home page! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/feb/12/uk-tenants-paid-record-50bn-in-rents-in-2017 for anyone who was interested in reading this article!
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/2017/jul/25/no-fault-evictions-landlords-tenants Maybe not the end, but at least it's being acknowledged in the mainstream press.
  5. Hello. We are making a documentary series about the rental market and are interested in hearing tenants’ and landlords’ experiences – good and bad. We are looking for people who are interested in taking part in a social experiment where landlords and tenants experience renting through each other’s eyes. Please email us on [email protected] or 07393 554846
  6. So I'm currently looking for a new flat to rent in Jan, having talked to a couple of estate agents recently they are all increasingly worried about the upcoming ban on agency letting fees, they consider that it could well put them out business. As far as I can see its only a good thing! I am in a situation now where I have to choose between some flats, moving in January, some directly through landlord, some through agency. My question, as I can't seem to find an answer is WHEN is the ban taking place. This affects me as currently the direct option is more expensive on pure rent but I save o
  7. Mods, feel free to move to all about renting after some exposure. So I'm on the rental search trail again. As a contractor, it's part of my yearly routine. My current rental last until December (it's rolling contract but I'm not moving without securing another place as last move was a fiasco) It seems most rentals now dont have neither fridge nor wshing machine. From what I've been told by a local, since white goods are no longer accepted as fittings, they are no longer deductible. I will keep looking around but I'm not renting without white goods included. I move too often to
  8. My partner and I are in the process of referencing for a property we absolutely love. Unfortunately the letting agent has been incredibly difficult and rude throughout the whole process (to the point where I had to download the energy certificates to find out what the address was for viewing!!) and she is not very good at answering my questions. For example, we have previously rented a property with an excellent LA who provided us with a complete list of the process from start to finish and all the fees included. They were friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions and I felt I
  9. So, I have been offered a flat to rent! It is a friend of my family and I didn't know this before but their offspring had a council flat that he didn't use very much (they played the system), he stayed there 1 or 2 times a week. In any case, when the time came that this person was eligible for the Right to Buy, their parents bought it. That's fine, as I said they played the system, it is wrong but within the rules (I believe family members are allowed to help you Right to Buy). Now I have been offered this flat to rent and it seems that they have been renting the place out to someone since th
  10. I wanted to ask the members why [in the UK] do we need EA's. After 10 years of privately renting, all through EA's, I do not actually know what t entails to be an estate agent. Do they need a degree or qualification? Are there standards for them to follow? What amount of legal paperwork do they have to do for a sale, or rental? What are they being paid by owners who want to rent or sell? Some EA's I've come across have been alight, but most have been awful. Entitled and arrogant, they think they are making you a favour when showing you a properteeh. I've started to suspect, being an EA is no
  11. The Deposit Protection Service has sent out the following press release: I've asked the DPS via Twitter to clarify whether or not they also asked tenants if they would prefer secure tenancies with the opportunity to remain but not the obligation. Somehow I suspect not, given however the DPS is fund it is likely to increase with the churn of tenants.
  12. I was talking to a family friend who was entering second year of university. She was moving from campus accommodation to sharing a rental with three other friends about a mile away from campus for her second year at university. I don't know if she is naive or if this practice is now standard operating procedure. All four of them were required to pay admin fees of 240 pounds each, cool 960 pounds for pretty much no work. then they also had to pay 2 months rent during this summer vacation when the property would be empty. They will move into the property at the beginning of next academic yea
  13. “We don’t want a situation like in London or Paris!" Capital pioneers law prohibiting landlords from charging new tenants more than 10% above local average Guardian article here...
  14. It has taken 67 days for my letting agent to get my damage deposit protected under a Tenancy Deposit Scheme! They should have done so within 30 days. I started my tenancy on 6th of March. Failure to do so could result in a fine to the landlord or letting agent of up to three times the value of the deposit. Furthermore, until a deposit is protected, the landlord is unable to serve me notice to leave under s21 of the Housing Act 2004. Never mind, it only took a trip to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and 2 'recorded delivery' letters to get the deposit protected! First letter to the letting age
  15. Another petition by Generation Rent. It may not make a difference but it only takes 2 secs to sign so what the heck, sign it anyway! And while you are at it, write to all of your possible MP's about renting in your area as well!
  16. Good afternoon All, First post so go easy. I am seriously considering the possibility of buying a property to let - as an investments for the future. I have absolutely no experience in this area. I have done plenty of reading up on the subject but what I would really like to hear are the experiences and tips etc of people who have done it before. Anything you wish to share, no matter how big or small would be great. Thank you!!
  17. --Banning agent fees to tenants-- Anyone who hasn't sent a letter to their MP about this, do it now! It will only take 30 secs! http://act.generationrent.org/lobby/letfees
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