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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, In case anyone's missed it "GettingBored" has done a brilliant replacement for property bee, called Property Log for the Chrome browser. Deserves a thread all of it's own I think. You can get it here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/property-log/jccihedpilhidcbkconacnalppdeecno They've managed to import most of the property lions database ( work in progress for the missing entries ) so they have a great starting point for detecting falls. Big pat on the back for GB, top man ( or woman ). Many thanks from me. The more people that use it the better the data will get, so get browsing.
  2. Hi, I am currently offline for the next month or so but I've logged in specifically to bring your attention to a brand new property tool, a bit like property bee but different. I was fed up with Propertybee not working/slowly dying so got a couple of contacts to come up with an alternative. What we've come up is Property Lion ( so called as we want to catch the lion b****rds putting up dodgy listings on RM ) Property lion will let you BULK capture RM data for a given area/time span in a short time , without the need to browser their pages It's currently a Linux only tool but there are plans to make a windows version. So, for example If I run the tool using property_lion -r 10 -d 1 1783 That gives me all the reductions, increases and honest mistakes with a 10 mile radius, for the last 1 day for postcode NN1 ( the 1783 is the RM code for NN1, and has to be grabbed from their web site) Running this command gives me this sort of output: *** #PropertyLion 2.33% #PriceDrop *** Address: Rounding Mews, Upton, #Northampton Status: Reduced today InitialPrice: £214995 Price: £214995 to £209995, Down 2.33% Timestamp: 04-04-2018 11:13:44 www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53345202.html *** #PropertyLion 3.98% #PriceDrop *** Address: Rickyard Walk, Grange Park, #Northampton Status: Reduced today InitialPrice: £249950 Price: £249950 to £240000, Down 3.98% Timestamp: 04-04-2018 11:13:49 www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71161433.html etc. So if you run it once a day you'd see all the listing for NN1 +10 miles for the previous 24 hours in one go. The info is saved into a simple database. You can then view the changes via the URL, look at the database files or log the output for future reference. If you set up the linux command line tweet "t" then you can automatically tweet the output e.g. property_lion -r 10 -d 1 -t 1783 and if you use the -f option a firefox browser will pop up after each difference is detected so you can have a look, when you kill the browser the check continues. .e.g property_lion -r 10 -d 1 -t -f 1783 It's not as user friendly as PB but it allows us to monitor a given area for price drops and has allowed us to capture every property currently up for sale!!! This is very powerful !!! We've also set up a twitter feed https://twitter.com/UkPropertyLion which is now up and running and is now, as I type, listing EVERY drop in price, on a 2/3 day cycle, as they are detected. e.g. So, we now have, in theory, a database with every property listed up for sale ( non-SSTC ) and we are able to calculate the current average asking price, average I make it around approx £300K for properties under 1M which should allow us to make a CURRENT ASKING PRICE RM INDEX ( one of the goals of the project ) If you want to trial this tool then drop me a PM. I'm looking for technically minded folk that can help us move it forward. You'll need a Linux based system ( your email/hostname will be logged automatically so the trolls best not apply, nothing in life is free, this is the cost of entry into the club ) and some technical knowledge. I had the thought that some users could set up a PropertyLionLondon or PropertyLionLiverpool account and just monitor these areas. Otherwise, sit back and watch the property lion twitter feed. When the bubble collapses we should see some interesting posts!!! See you in a month or two. Bonne journée
  3. A rather clever group have created #PropertyLion to replace the dying property bee. The software's is planned to be on general release in a couple of weeks to selected interested parties but in the meantime there's a twitter account (https://twitter.com/UKpropertyLion) where ALL detected reductions found on right move will be posted It's not as interactive as PB but it does the same sort of job identifying changes/reductions and the up side is it does not require trailing through pages of data and should offer the ability to do secondary analysis of data. It also notifies rightmove directly when an anomalous entry is found. (If we can do this...Why cant they ? ) When the software is on general release it will allow a user to check a given area and post to twitter and or read the info locally. It's currently on Linux only but there are plans to port to windows. Anyone interested should get in touch via the this thread or the twitter feed. It's sad to see @propertybee dying a death, it was a brilliant tool. BTW, it's called property lion, as it's intended to catch those lion b*****ds on RM that flag up properties as reduced when they've increased the price. The database is currently growing and in a week or so should be picking up pretty much all drops. As price falls accelerate hopefully it will provide much entertanment. Pop corn at the ready folks. P.S. bit thanks to thecountofnowhere for a) suggesting it and b ) testing it and c ) funding it.
  4. I use firefox and this morning not only has rightmove changed to an altogether 'nasty' layout but property bee has gone haywire. Is it me or a general problem and how do I get myself out of it?
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