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Found 5 results

  1. I’m renting at present , I’ve a problem: a rat ate his way into the property via boiler house pipes ( ate thru expanding foam ) . it destroyed my washing machine , eating thru cabling & pipes . landlord informed , after 4 days they called pest control guy , he called twice that week and set traps . That was 2 weeks ago ! No visit since . rat has been seen since traps set ( wireless cameras ) just walked past them . ive been expected to still live here , but not allowed my child over until Rat is definitely gone , understandably I’ve gave notice to move out in 2 months , and landlords asking rent be paid in full as normal . Question , should I pay rent in full as expected ??
  2. Are these people on glue? Landlord Zone
  3. Swansea landlord bemoans rowdy tenants and says regulation is hurting the rental sector Read more at http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/swansea-landlord-bemoans-rowdy-tenants-and-says-there-is-too-much-regulation/story-30059335-detail/story.html#Ji5rAMKMU14sbzdT.99
  4. Hi if this is in the wrong area please excuse me! This area is a little grey to me and i have no idea whats what properly, so any advice would be great from others who have been in this situation or had experience of this - I ended my tenancy on the 20/08/2016. last week on the 25/08/2016 i received a letter from the landlord saying he wanted to keep our bond and then the reasons stated - one reason was because we had broken the cistern toilet lid but, due to the bathroom being old it was discontinued therefore they wanted a whole new bathroom suite and this would be taking from our bond! Another point they had on their letter was that they where disappointed at the way the decoration had been left therefore needing a whole house professionally re painted / decorated....on our move in inventory at the start of the tenancy it stated 6 points that where was cracks to walls, mould in the corner of one room and damage to paint work - the house was not freshly painted when we moved in. He also quoted us for 3 new carpets, now when we where shown around by the old tenant she claimed she had carpeted the house from her own back pocket we lived in the house 3 years and she was in a year previous. Now iv been to the depsoit protection scheme and proposed a despute is raised and the department of resolution was to be informed / used for free help to us both to resolved the issues if he accepted....... HES NOW DECLINDED the offer of any help from the scheme our bond is held in! Meaning i now have to go to a solicitor and make a single claim etc.....by the looks of this the issue will end up in court - has anyone taken things this far before? and the issues iv posted above here is he able to get away with this and what hes suggested above? I see the points quite unfair but im not aware of what im dealing with and a lot advice is needed here. I'm really not sure he is aware of what the scheme can do for us nore do i think hes aware it could end up in court unless hes trying to pull the wool over my eyes cause when it was first said about the depsoit when we moved out he made out to me that he had full access to him and it was him that had to ok everything (which i later found out was untrue and i had access to it) A little side note my landlord added my hubbys name as the lead tenant on the scheme information so now when i ring the scheme they wont chat to me directly i have to get the hubby to call up to chat to them and to ok me talking on his behalf. I cant understand why the landlords done this when it is both our names on the tenancy agreement but my bank account that pays the rent and bond. It feels like hes made it hard for us to gain contact with the DPS by doing this above! Any help would be great! Thanx for reading i must add that weve always paid our rent ontime in advanced etc and in my eyes been good tennants.
  5. Good afternoon All, First post so go easy. I am seriously considering the possibility of buying a property to let - as an investments for the future. I have absolutely no experience in this area. I have done plenty of reading up on the subject but what I would really like to hear are the experiences and tips etc of people who have done it before. Anything you wish to share, no matter how big or small would be great. Thank you!!
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